About Us

Atithi is an innovative food services company founded on the principle of providing the best services and facilities to the clients. The commitment to quality and flexible approach has helped in establishing Atithi as the market leader in the 26 years si nee its inception in 1993

The success of Atithi can be attributed to its dedicated and visionary management- with Mr. Ashok Kumar Gupta as Chairman. Atithi has grown from an innovative concept to a 30 Cr. company, nurturing opportunities for more than 1000 people across the country.

Our Services

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Corporate Catering

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Industrial Catering

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Institutional Catering

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Outdoor Catering

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Why Choose Us ?

  • Excellent Listening Skills

  • Excellent Service Delivery

  • Excellent Innovation Activities

  • Excellent, Balanced Food

  • Excellent Motivated Personnel Skills

  • Excellent Long Term Client Partnership & Trust

  • Excellent Atmosphere & Professionalism



Meera Rajput

"Atithi Foods is one of the Best catering service that i have ever experienced. They are Giving Best Services for My Institute & I am Totally satisfied with their services . "


Shilpa Sharma

"According to my experience Atithi Foods is the best Catering Service Provider with Affordable pricing, Excellent Services & Best Customer Support."


Rajesh Kundra

"Atithi Foods & Their services are the Best in the market in terms of Pricing, Support & Quality of the work. Their Team is responsive enough to clear all my doubts."

Our Clients